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Manage Users in UMS

This section explains how to add, update, activate and delete users.

Users can only be added,edited, or deleted by those with UMS admin access.

Add new users

New users can be added to UMS individually or in bulk by using CSV import.

Add individual users

To add a new user in UMS, click New User and then Add User from the User Management page.

The Add User dialog will be shown as in the image below.

Add User Dialog Proceed

Add User Dialog

Add User Dialog


  • If the account activation mode is set to Automatic, new users will be activated automatically.
  • If the activation type is set to Email, users will receive an email to activate their account. Activation will occur after verifying the email. By default, the Account Activation Mode is set to Automatic.
  • Please refer to the Account settings page for more details.
Automatic activation Email activation
Fill out the form with a Username, Email address, First name, Last name and Password, then click Add. Fill out the form with a Username, Email address, First name and Last name and then click on Add.
Please refer to this section for password requirements. To activate the user, please check the Activate Users section for more details.

Import users from CSV

The section will explain how to import the users from a CSV file, which can be downloaded from the designated location in UMS.

To automate the process of adding a large number of users to UMS, you can download the CSV template file, add the users to it, and then import the file.

Add users from CSV file

In UMS, click Import from csvto begin importing the CSV file.

Import from CSV - Goto Import CSV users page

CSV file Requirements

The first row in the CSV template should contain the column headings. UMS will assume that the data from the second line in the file represents the user information, and the following columns are mandatory in the downloaded CSV file.

Automatic Activation Email Activation
Username Full Name
Full Name Email
Password -

Follow the steps below to add users using the CSV template:

  1. Download the CSV template.

    Import from CSV - Download CSV template

  2. Add users to the CSV file, Save the file, and then upload it.

    Import from CSV - Add users into CSV file

  3. After uploading the file, the user details will be displayed in the grid, as shown in the image below. Click Import Users to add the users.

    Upload CSV file

    Import from CSV - User detail in grid

  4. After uploading the users in UMS, the results are displayed as below.

    Import from CSV - Success Message

Password Requirement

The password must meet the following requirements:

It must contain:

  • At least 6 characters,
  • 1 uppercase letter,
  • 1 lowercase letter,
  • 1 numeric digit,
  • 1 special character.

Password Requirement

Activate users

After the user is added, a new account will be created, and an account activation email will be sent to the email address provided, containing an activation link to activate the Bold Reports account.

The activation link sent to the user will be valid only for 2 days. If the user does not activate within this period, a new activation link can be sent to the user from the user edit page.

The account will remain inactive until the user activates it from the activation email.

Edit users

User profile details can be edited by the users edit page as shown in the below image.

Click UMS Profile

Click Edit Profile

The Username, First name, Last name, Phone number, and Profile picture of the user can be edited.

Edit User Profile

Change Password

If users forget their password, administrators can reset it for them using this option. Please refer to this section for password requirement.

Change Password

Two Factor Authentication

Users can enable 2FA for their accounts. If a user loses their recovery code or authenticator application, the admin can disable 2FA or generate a new set of codes for them. This can be done using the Two-Factor Authentication tab in the security section.

Regenerate Recovery code for user

To regenerate the recovery code for the user, go to the Two Factor Authentication tab in the user details and click Regenerate Recovery Code.

Generate Two Factor Authentication Code

After clicking Yes, a recovery code will be generated. Copy the newly generated code and share it with the user.

Generate Recovery Code

Disable Two Factor Authentication for user

To disable Two-Factor Authentication for the user, click on the Remove Two-Factor Authentication option, then confirm by selecting Yes.

Remove Two Factor Authentication

Delete users

Users can be deleted from the UMS when they no longer requires access. The System Administrator can delete users from the user management page.

Delete user by Admin

Note: Once a user is deleted by the System Administrator, their access will be revoked from the sites they belong to.

Grant user access to multiple sites

You can select single or multiple users in user management to provide access to multiple sites.

Grant User Access

Select the sites to which you need to provide access to the selected users, and then click the Grant Access button to proceed.

Grant Access Select Sites

NOTE: If the selected user already has access to that site, the process will be skipped.

After the process is completed, you can view a detailed report on it and download the report in CSV format.

Grant Access Select Sites

You can revoke access to the site by referring to the instructions provided here.