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Bold Reports Enterprise Reporting has multi-tenant support, which allows administrators to deploy multiple tenants and manage their reports. Each tenant has its own database for managing its reports and resources, so they are isolated from each other tenant under single Bold Reports deployment.


Architecture of the Bold Reports multi-tenant solution is given in the following image. Each tenant has deployed with its own database and resource, which ensures the data isolation of one tenant from others.

Multi-Tenant Architect

To setup multi-tenant solution, install and deploy the Bold Reports Enterprise Reporting, which will deploy the first tenant with Identity Provider (IDP) application in isolated database. Then, you can deploy many tenants with their own database.

The Identity Provider (IDP) application is a core application of multi-tenant solution, which manages the tenant and its user identity.

IDP and first Reports tenant can share the same database, but you cannot share same database between the two tenant applications.

You can add a tenant by following this link