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Report Viewer SDK

Empower any web or desktop application with Microsoft SSRS, RDL, RDLC report view, and print and export capabilities that allow users to assess the status of their business and build bolder action plans to meet business goals.

Reporting components

High-quality Report Viewer and Report Writer components for embedding pixel-perfect SSRS RDL, RDLC paginated reporting functionalities into your web and desktop apps. It also includes complete support for multiple platforms.

What makes it unique

Report Viewer SDK follows the Microsoft SSRS RDL standard, giving you these benefits:

  • Pixel-perfect paginated reports to size and lay out elements with precision.
  • SSRS RDL, RDLC reports created with third-party apps can be loaded in Bold Reports or vice versa without additional effort.
  • Free onboarding so you can learn how to use the product.
  • Extensible and open schema that supports custom extension elements.
  • XML schema for report definitions.

Key features

  • Integrate reports that elegantly fit in your existing desktop and web apps with easy-to-use developer tools.
  • Analyze your data in depth in interactive reports with eye-catching visualization.
  • Extend the natively supported data sources and report item functionality or create your own custom data sources or report items.
  • Create and view data-intensive reports with best-in-class performance.
  • Programmatically save business reports to PDF, Excel, Word, and other formats.
  • Localize and customize reports for a specific organization or stakeholder.
  • Manage costs with a predictable and simple pricing model.

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