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Line reportitem allows to separate the report sections horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It has a start and end point with various style properties. A line has visually no data associated with it.

Line report item in design area

To draw a line

  1. Drag and drop line reportitem from the itempanel to designer surface. Drag and drop line report item in design area

  2. Line report item and its associated properties are listed in the property panel. Line report item in design area

Line Properties

Line Styles

The line style property can be used to change the style of the line report item. This property is listed under Basic Settings category. They are Solid, Dashed and Dotted.

Line reportitem different styles


The line style property allows to increase or decrease thickness of line report item along three different line styles.

Line reportitem border styles


The line style property allows the line reportitem to place left and top position in the designer surface. Line report item in postion change


The line style property allows to increase or decrease the width and height of line report item. Line report item in size change


Enable/Disable the visibility property to show and hide the line reportitem, when preview the report.


Document Map

A document map is a navigational feature that displays a separate side pane with set of navigational links in hierarchical structure when you view a report. A user can click the content in the list, to navigate to the report page that displays that item. Refer Document Map section to configure document map in the report design.

You can set the static or dynamic text as value for document map property. To set and reset dynamic text, refer Set Expression and Reset Expression section.


Bookmark links allows the users to navigate to different parts of a SSRS report. You can add bookmarks to each textbox, image, table or chart or to the unique group values displayed in a tablix which can direct the users to specified locations in the report. The value of bookmark property can be your own strings or an expression. Refer Bookmark section to configure bookmark in the report design.

Custom attributes

This property can be used to set the values for line report item custom properties. To create and assign values for custom properties using properties panel refer Custom Properties section.