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Add filters to chart data region

Filters can be used to filter data in the chart data region to include or exclude specific values from display or to provide a different view of the dataset in multiple data regions. When processing the report, the filters applied in the report parts are processed first on the dataset, and then on the data region, and then on groups.

Set filter on a chart category group

  1. Select chart data region in the design area. Filter dialog
  2. Switch to DATA tab, Filter dialog
  3. In the DATA assign panel, under the column section click on the Settings icon. Filter dialog
  4. Now, click on the Filters... option in the menu. Now, the filter dialog will be opened like below. Filter dialog
  5. Refer Filter Data section and create required filter expression in the filter dialog and click OK. Filter dialog

In the above image, the filter equation is created to filter the data in the data region based on Product Category data field.

On report preview, using the OrderYear and ProductCategory report parameters, the sales of Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 is displayed in the chart data region based on applied filters.

Filter dialog

Similarly, you can set filters on a chart series group.

Download the above report design from the link