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Filters are used to filter the dataset field by passing the specific dataset field value to limit the data in a report. It can be used to filter the data in a data regions.


Add filters

  1. To add a filter, Click on the Add icon.


  2. Dataset fields are listed in the first drop-down list, choose the necessary field from the drop-down list or set an Expression. add-expression

  3. Operator types are listed in the second drop-down list.

    operators-in- filters

    To filter specific range of data use Between operator.


  4. In the Value, enter the value directly or set an Expression.

  5. To add multiple filters, follow steps 1 - 4.


  6. Click OK.

Set Expression

Follow steps 1 - 4, to add filters.

  1. To edit/create an expression, click on the square icon and select Expression.


  2. Expression dialog will be open as shown below, Refer Expression section for better understanding with the following sections.


  3. The icon will be indicated in Black color, if the expression is applied to the dataset field.


Reset Expression

  1. To reset an expression, click on the square icon and select Reset. Select filter reset expression

  2. The icon will be indicated in White color, after reset action. After reset expression


To change the order of an filter, click and hold the icon in the left corner, and then drag filters to higher or lower position. reorder fields in sort

The position of dragged sort expression is shown as below: after reorder fields in sort

Remove Filters

Click Delete icon in the right corner to remove the respective filters.