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Add a filter to a dataset

This section guides you to add a filter at dataset level in Bold Report Designer.

Create Data

Refer Create Data section to create a data in report designer.

Apply filters at dataset level

  1. Select a data in the DATA panel to which you want to apply filter. Data item menu icon
  2. Click the above highlighted icon to open the filter menu for the selected data. Dataset filter menu
  3. Click on Filter... option in the context menu, it will launch the filter dialog like below. Filter dialog

Add filters

Refer Add filters section to create filter equation.

Set expression

Refer Set expression section to set expression in filter equation.

Remove filter

Refer Remove filter section to delete a filter equation.


We can filter the ProductID field values at dataset level like below.

  1. Create a filter equation as in the below snap, and click OK. Filter equation for product id field
  2. Now, assign the dataset to the Table report item. Refer Design a basic table report section.
  3. Preview the report. Observe the below snap, it displays the records for ProductID value 712 based on the filter equation. Preview output for dataset filters