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Design surface

The Bold Report Designer comes with a WYSIWYG user interface that allows report to be edited in a form that resembles its appearance when printed or displayed.

Key features

  • Easily arrange report items on the Report Designer surface using simple drag-and-drop operations.

  • Grid lines and snap-to-grid options simplifies the positioning and aligning of report items.

  • You can resize a report item in eight different directions to keep its shape. You can also resize multiple objects at the same time.

  • When multiple report items overlaps in the design surface, the layout ordering controls which report item is at the top and which is at the bottom.

  • Enhanced alignment options that allows perfect positioning, sizing, and aligning of report items in a report.

  • You can distribute selected report items on the design surface at equal intervals from each other.

  • You can perform basic designing actions easily using design surface context menu.

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