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Schedule Synchronization for Imported Existing Database Users

This section explains how to schedule the synchronization of users from an existing database with the users in Bold Reports On-Premise.

Note: Make sure to configure the database settings before initiating the synchronization process for existing database users.

To synchronize existing database users, you should import users from the database to Bold Reports On-Premise by referring to the following link: Import Database Users.

Click Database Users Synchronization Schedule

Imported Database Users Synchronization Schedule

  • Users from the existing database can be synchronized on a schedule to ensure that their latest details are imported into the Bold Reports.

  • Please find more details on synchronizing users from the existing database with the Report Server in the link below:

Email Notifications

After a scheduled recurrence of synchronization is completed, users in the System Administrator group will receive email notifications regarding the synchronization status.

Enable/Disable Synchronization schedule

The synchronization schedule can be enabled or disabled at any time using the checkbox at the top.