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How to add Check box in Table Report

You have to add check box in reports using the Symbols fonts. As per RDL standard, you cannot add check box in report. Alternatively, you can use symbols fonts to add check box in report. This section describes simple steps to design a check box report using the Standalone Report Designer.

  1. Select the tablix cell to add check box. Select the Check box field

  2. Open the PROPERTIES pane. Choose fonts style as Wingdings. Choose Font style

  3. Now, select table cell and set expression to the check box report =IIF(Fields!OrderQty.Value>5,Chr(254),"o"). IIF function Chr(254) enables the check box. Set the expression

  4. Now, the report preview can be visualized as follows. Preview the check box report

The Wingdingsfont is not supported in Mozilla fire fox and Opera. Hence, you need to use check box as image item in your report for which you can refer How to add Check box in table using image?