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The Standalone Report Designer is completely a free report designing tool that empowers developers and analysts to build paginated SSRS, RDL, and RDLC reports rich in data visualization. It features an intuitive UI to design, edit, preview, and export reports locally in your machine.

Key features

Separate Application Launchers: Individual application launchers are provided for RDL and RDLC reports to design and view the respective report types.

Design and Edit Reports: You can create a professional looking report using a rich set of data region, visualization, and basic report items with reporting features such as parameters, expressions, sorting, grouping, filtering, and more.

Business user-friendly: The drag-and-drop friendly report designer allows business users to create reports without any help from IT.

Wide variety of data providers: Standalone Report Designer supports connecting to major data providers such as Microsoft SQL Server, SQL CE, Oracle, XML, OLEDB, ODBC, and Web API for exploring data and designing reports with a wide range of data sources.

Display Reports: Newly created or existing reports can be previewed using the built-in report viewer.

Export Reports: You can export the RDL and RDLC report to popular formats like PDF, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, and XML.

Interactive Reports: End users can create the highly customized report. You can alter the report layout in preview using the filtering, highlighting, and sorting the data.

Easy Setup: The setup and installation process of the Standalone Report Designer application is quick and easy. You can start designing reports instantly without requiring any configurations.