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Bold Report Writer

Report Writer is a class library that enables the user to render reports defined in Microsoft’s RDL format as PDF, Word, Excel or CSV documents.

The important features of Report Writer are listed as follows:

  • RDL Specification - Supports RDL specification from RDL XML schema 2008 version. You can find the list of RDL schema versions from here.
  • Data sources - You can use advanced database servers data sources in Report Writer (SQL and Oracle).
  • Charts - Show all basic types of charts that are available in Microsoft RDL reports.
  • Tablix - Shows the summaries and simple tables.
  • Gauge - Shows measurement values by using the expression values.
  • Textbox - Shows textbox data with expression support.
  • Export - Export report as PDF, Word, Excel, and CSV.
  • Report parameter - Views the report based on the report parameter value.