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Create a SSRS RDL report

You can create an RDL report using any of the following reporting tools:

  • Bold Reports Report Designer.
  • Microsoft Report Builder.
  • Visual Studio Report Server project template.

Bold Reports Report Designer

Bold Reports Report Designer provides the intuitive user interface to create and edit the RDL reports, which is available in Bold Embedded Reporting Tools Control Panel Add On.

Add on for Report Designer

Microsoft SQL Report Builder

You can create an RDL report using the Microsoft stand-alone Report Builder. For more details, refer to this online documentation.

Visual Studio Report Server template

To create an RDL report in Visual Studio, a Report Server project is required where you can save your report definition (.rdl) file. For more details, refer to this Visual Studio documentation.

If you do not have the Business Intelligence or Report Server Project options, you should update SSDT with the Business Intelligence templates. Refer to Download SQL Server Data Tools.