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Query Filters

Query Filters are used to filter out specific data in a database. The data can be filtered by adding and deleting a filters.


Add filters

  1. To add a filter, Click on the Add icon.


  2. Dataset fields are listed in the first drop-down list, choose the necessary field from the drop-down list.


  3. Operator types are listed in the second drop-down list.

    operators-in- filters

  4. In the Value, enter the value to be filtered in the dataset fields.

    pass-value-in- filters

  5. Click on Include as parameter checkbox, will include the query parameters.


  6. To add multiple filters, follow steps 1 - 5.


  7. Click OK and select Execute icon as shown below to view the filtered data in the data preview.


  8. When save the dataset, the query parameter will automatically included in report parameter as shown below.


Remove Filters

Click Delete icon in the right corner to remove the respective filters.