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Enterprise License overview

Starting with the version v2.x, Bold Reports introduced a new licensing system for the Bold Reports.

Offline license validation

Starting with the version v2.4.x, Bold Reports introduced offline licensing system for the Bold Reports.

We have provided the support to validate the license even when the machine is without internet connection.

This topic describes how to enable offline license validation in the Bold Reports Enterprise Edition. Follow the below steps.

Get offline license key file

Offline license file can be downloaded from the Bold Reports website.

Place offline license key file

We have to place the downloaded license key file in the Bold Reports installed location. Follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the deployed location and place the license key file in below location.

    {Deployed Location}\app_data\reporting\configuration

    Example: C:\BoldServices\app_data\reporting\configuration

    By default, Bold Reports will be deployed on C:\BoldServices

  2. Restart the Bold Reports application.