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Embed report using embed secret key

This section explains how to render the report in web applications using Single sign-on(SSO) authentication.

To do this, you need to frame the embed URL using the embed secret key. To obtain the embed secret key, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the settings page and click on Embed. Under that page, enable the Enable embed authentication option. Embed settings page
  2. Click the Generate Secret button. Generate secret button
  3. Upon clicking it, the secret key will be generated. Save the secret key safely, as you will not be able to retrieve or restore this generated secret once it’s been created. Copy secret key
  4. Once the secret key is generated, you can reset it by clicking the Reset Secret button. Reset secret Button

    Resetting this code will break the previously functioning embedded reports.

The embed URL should be in the following format: {report URL}/{embed parameters}&embed_signature={signature}

Example: http://localhost:51778/reporting/en-us/site/site1/reports/5ff24040-cd74-42cf-a168-57f8cb7dafed/Sample%20Reports/Invoice&embed_nonce=3e253410-1a82-4fb3-a337-122a8007dafc& &embed_report_export=true&embed_report_comments=true&embed_timestamp=1583928213&embed_expirationtime=100 &embed_signature=W1oqFY6MvJ2lxCwCwLHWihSd19jPfzr

Please find the details of the parameters in the URL below,

Parameter Description
report URL URL of the report to be embedded.
embed parameters Parameters required to embedding the report with SSO.
signature Authorized key for the report to be embedded.

Parameters to generate the signature in the embed URL

The values below are necessary to form the signature.

Parameter Mandatory Description Example


Yes A random string serves to restrict the URL reconstruction or attacks from the hackers.



Yes The email address of the user.


No This value allows you to check the views in the embedded report. true


No This value enables you to perform actions such as saving a view, updating a view, and deleting views in the embedded report. true


No The export option for various formats of the report in the embedded report is displayed based on this value. true


No Actions related to comments, such as post, edit, delete, reply, watch, unwatch, posting the image and user mention list options can be performed in report based on this value. true


Yes The current time is represented as a UNIX timestamp. The embedded URL that is formed will be valid for 5 minutes from this embed timestamp.



No Set the duration for the token to remain active. It must be represented in seconds. The default time is 86400 seconds, and the maximum is 604800 seconds.


Generating the signature for the embed URL


Yes A signature is generated using the secret code to authenticate the embedded URL.

W1oqFY6MvJ2lxCwCwLHWihSd 19jPfzr

The embed parameter should be formed in the following format.

embed_nonce=5ff24040-cd74-42cf-a168-57f8cb7dafed& _export=true &embed_report _comments=true& &embed_timestamp=1583935418&embed_expirationtime=100

The embed parameter formed above is signed with the secret code generated on the Bold Reports server using the HMACSHA256 algorithm, and the resulting signed key is appended to the embed URL as embed_signature.

Sample to Embed Report Using SSO Authentication

You can download the sample from here.