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Chart Color Palette

Color palette property can be used to customize the chart series color. You can change the color palette for a chart series by choosing from a predefined set of color palettes or defining a custom palette. The Color Palette property is listed under the Chart Area category in the chart properties panel.

Color Palette property

Built-in color palette

You can switch between the predefined color palette options available in Color Palette dropdown.

Built in Color Palettes

Define custom color palette

To define custom colors, follow these steps:

  1. Select Custom option from the Color Palette dropdown.

    Custom color palette option

  2. Now, the Custom Colors field will start displaying under the color palette drop-down.

    Custom color palette field

  3. Click on the edit icon in the right side of Custom Colors property.

    Edit icon

  4. Now, you will be taken to the Custom Colors panel.

    Custom colors panel

  5. Click on the ADD icon in the top-right corner. A new Color field will be added in the panel.

    Add icon

  6. Set the desired color in the color field.

    Choose color

  7. Click on the Update.

Repeat the above steps to define multiple colors sets or edit existing color sets. For example, I have added three colors in custom colors panel and it will be applied to the chart based on number of series.

Multiple colors

You can also set color based on dynamic values, by using the Expressions. Click on the square icon in the right side of the each field to open expression menu.

Expression menu

Note: Refer Set Expressions and Reset Expressions section to set and reset expression for custom colors.

Delete color set

To delete the existing color set, click on the edit icon for the Custom Colors property. Now, the available color sets will be listed Chart Custom Colors panel. Click on the Delete icon in the right corner of required color set and click on the Update.

Delete binding expression