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Publish Report

This section explains the steps to publish a report into on-premise server from Report Designer and to download that report.

Publish a report into enterprise server

  1. Click on the Publish option in the top-right corner of the report designer page, or click on the Publish dropdown. Publish menu in web designer Publish a new report into report server
  2. Choose an existing category or create new and provide name for the report in Name field. Click on the Publish button to publish the report.

If you are publishing the report with a duplicate name, it will ask for confirmation to replace the existing report. Replace report alert

Click Yes to replace the existing report, or No to edit the report name in the Name field.

If you are editing a report from the server, the Publish option will directly replace the report into server.

Download the report

On the on-premise server home page, click the Actions button in the reports grid context menu. Then click on Download Report option from the menu to download the report in .rdl format.

Download report