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Connect to MemSQL data source

The Bold Reports Designer supports connecting MemSQL database using SQL Query.

Choose MemSQL data source

  1. Click on the Data icon in the configuration panel. Data icon configuration panel
  2. In the DATA configuration panel, click on the NEW DATA button. New Data Panel
  3. In the connection type panel, choose the MemSQL data source type. Connection types panel

Connection properties

After clicking the data source, the NEW DATASOURCE configuration panel opens. Follow the below steps to create MemSQL data source:

Specify the data source name without special characters, in Name field. Web datasource properties

Then enter the valid connection string and authentication type to connect with specified data source.

Web datasource properties

Click on the Connect to proceed with query design pane. Now, enter the required query and execute. Its corresponding values will be shown in grid for preview.

New connection panel

Only query mode is supported for MemSQL data source.

Click Finish to save the data source with a relevant name to proceed with designing report. New connection panel

Authentication types

You can set database credentials, prompted credentials, or use no credentials.

Advanced authentication

Authentication - A user name and password must be supplied to access the database, the credentials might be for a database login. The credentials are passed to the data source for authentication.

Advanced authentication

Enable the Save Password option to embed the credentials within the report when saving it in Report Server.

On report download action, the credentials will be not be saved with report data.

Prompt - When you configure a data source connection to use prompted credentials, each user who access the report must enter a user name and password on preview action to retrieve the data.

Advanced authentication

None - Choose the authentication type as None, when the authentication details or any other arguments required to connect with the data source are provided in connection string.