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Image Manager

Image manager allows to add an embedded image to the report, the embedded image will always be available to that report. The embedded images in a report are listed in the Image Manager panel.

Add an embedded image

  1. Click on the Image Manager icon in the configuration panel. hover-imagemanager

  2. Click on Add Image button in the IMAGE MANAGER panel. imagemanager-panel

  3. Select an image and click on Open button. upload-dialog

    Note: Images can be of the BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, X-PNG or SVG type.

  4. Now, the image will be embedded to the report and listed under the IMAGE MANAGER panel. upload-single-image

    Note: Only one image can be imported at a time. To add more images repeat steps 2 to 4.


Design a report using an embedded image

  1. To design a report using an embedded image, mouse hover on the image in the IMAGE MANAGER panel. hover-image
  2. Click on the plus icon, now the image item will be added to the design area. add-to-designer-surface
  3. The below image shows the simple report designed using an embedded image. add-image-to-header-footer

Download the above report design from link.