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Report Designer

The Report Designer is a web based reporting tool to create and edit the RDL(Report Definition Language) standard reports. It comes with a wide range of report items to transform data into meaningful information and quickly build the reports with the help of following features.

Key features

Data sources --- Supports commonly used data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, OLEDB, ODBC, Web API, OData, JSON, and XML.

Built-in query builder --- Provides a convenient user interface that helps both technical and non-technical users to create and view relationships between tables.

Report items --- Provides a rich set of report items like text box, image, line, rectangle, table, list, matrix, more than 20 chart types, sub reports, and barcodes for clear visualization of your data.

Interactive design surface --- Easily arrange report items on the Report Designer surface using simple drag-and-drop operations. Grid lines and snap-to-grid options simplify positioning and aligning of report items.

Report parameters --- Supports creating report parameters to specify the data to filter in a report, connect related reports together, and vary report presentation.

Image manager --- Allows adding and managing embedded images in a report. Embedding an image ensures the image is always available to a report.

Property panel --- Allows customizing the appearance of report items and editing their property values. Users can specify static values or expressions as values in the report item properties.

Interactive reports --- Supports creating a report with extremely powerful interactive features provided only by RDL reports, such as drill through and drill down to display data and information in detail.

Manipulate your data --- Allows manipulating data with a rich set of features such as sorting, filtering, grouping, and calculated fields.

Built-in expression editor --- Allows you to create simple and complex RDL reporting expressions. Supports the use of constants, built-in fields, parameters, data sets, variables, operators, common functions, etc.

Embedded custom code --- Supports embedding Visual Basic and .NET code directly within report layouts.