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Notification settings can be configured to alert users whenever a comment is added to reports in Bold Reports On-Premise. Both the System Administrator and individual users have the ability to adjust these settings.

To modify the notification Settings, click on the Settings option in the Report Server’s left-side panel. Then, navigate to the Notification tab as shown in the following image. Notification settings page

Site notification settings(Admin notification settings)

The Administrator can manage application notification preferences, including how users receive notifications for report comments, by enabling or disabling both email and system notifications within the admin notification settings page. Admin notification settings

System notifications

  • To view the system notifications, click on the Notification icon in the Report Server left-side panel as shown in the following image. System notifications

  • Users can navigate to a specific comment by clicking on the report name in the notification section. To adjust their notification settings, users can navigate to their profile page by clicking on the Settings option. Open System notification

Mail notifications

By enabling the mail notifications option, users will receive email notifications for activities such as comments, permissions, schedules, views, user(s) and group(s) synchronizations( both manual and scheduled), and user account activation.

Auto watch comments of created items

Enabling this will send notifications for comments on all items created by users.

Auto watch comments of accessible items

Enabling this will send notifications for comments on all items accessed by users.

Report schedule notification

By enabling and disabling the report schedule button, we can restrict the mail received for scheduled reports.

User schedule notification

By enabling and disabling the user schedule button, we can restrict the mail received for admin users.

The following are the default and allowable notification settings configurations:

Default settings

This is the default setting applied to users when they are added to the Report Server. Users can either switch from this setting to create their own or choose to inherit this setting at any time via their profile edit page.

Allow/restrict settings

This is the master setting for the Report Server. Enabling or disabling any setting here will apply that change to the Report Server, overriding the default and user settings.

User notification settings

Configure how the current user receives notifications for comments from the user notification settings page. Users can navigate to this page from the profile edit page, as shown in the following image.

User notification settings

Refer to the following image to change the notification settings for the current user.

User notification settings options

Settings can be enabled, disabled, or inherited from the global settings, which are the default settings of the Report Server.

Specific watch

  • Apart from the auto-watch settings for created and accessible item settings, users can also watch an item specifically.

    Report Specific watch

Users can toggle between watch and unwatch for a report comment at any time.