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Share report with users in the Report Server

This section explains about how to share report with users by adding permission in the Bold Reports On-Premise.

Steps to share a Report

  1. Click the Share Permissions icon in the Reports grid context menu. Manage Permission
  2. Click the Manage Access button. Manage Access Button
  3. Select the permission access and the users or groups to share the report. Share Report
  4. After selecting the access and users or groups, click on the Add button. Add button

    Only the user who have share permission can share the Report with other Report Server users.

Remove Permission

The user who will have specific permission can remove the shared report permissions using the Remove icon in the Actions column of the each permissions. Add Permission

This section explains on how to share report link to the users from the Bold Reports On-Premise reports.

If the Report is public, anyone with this link will be able to view its contents.

If the Report is private, anyone with this link can navigate to the Report, but only users with the appropriate permissions will be able to view its contents.

Get Link option is available for all the Reports.

Follow the steps below to get the Reports link.

  1. Click on the context menu of the respective Report and choose Get Link option.

    Get Link Menu

  2. Respective Report link will be shown in the Get Link dialog box.

    For Public Reports

    Get Link Dialog

    For Private Reports

    Get Link Dialog