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Edit report in Report Designer

This section explains how to edit reports in the Report Designer directly from Bold Reports On-Premise. Reports can be launched directly to the Report Designer from the Report Server.

Click the Edit icon from the report listing page to open the Report in the Report Designer.

Edit report in Report Designer

The selected report will be opened in the designer, as shown below:

Edit report in Report Designer

NOTE: To edit the existing report, you will need permission from the administrator.

Edit an existing report as XML

This XML editor offers a user-friendly interface for making necessary modifications to reports on the Report Server. This allows you to make changes to the report without downloading it or using a separate text editor.

  1. Click on the Edit As XML option from the context menu.

    Edit report in XML

  2. The respective report will be opened in a new tab as XML, allowing you to make modifications. You can then save the edited report by publishing it from the XML editor.

    Edit report XML View