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A Guide to Effective Status Verification and Health Check

Status check and health check are two common practices in the field of software development to ensure the proper functioning and reliability of a system or application. While they serve similar purposes, there are some differences in their implementation and scope.

How to perform status check for all services

A status check is a lightweight process that verifies the availability and responsiveness of a application. It typically involves sending a simple request to the services and checking for a valid response. The main goal of a status check is to determine whether all services are up and running or having any down services.


When you enter the provided URL in a web browser, you will be directed to a page designed to give you an overview of the Current status of the reports services.

Status Check

How to perform health check for individual service

Health checks are more comprehensive than status checks and aim to assess the overall health and functionality of a application. They go beyond basic availability and probe various components to ensure they are operating correctly. By accessing the specific URLs provided in the below table, you can assess the health and operational status of each service.

Services Main Application Sub Application
Identity Provider Web https://{Domain_name}/health-check https://{Domain_name}/{Sub_application_name}/health-check
Identity Provider API https://{Domain_name}/api/health-check https://{Domain_name}/{Sub_application_name}/api/health-check
Tenant Management Web https://{Domain_name}/ums/health-check https://{Domain_name}/{Sub_application_name}/ums/health-check
Windows Authentication https://{Domain_name}/windowsauthentication/health-check https://{Domain_name}/{Sub_application_name}/windowsauthentication/health-check
Reporting Web https://{Domain_name}/reporting/health-check https://{Domain_name}/{Sub_application_name}/reporting/health-check
Reporting API https://{Domain_name}/reporting/api/health-check https://{Domain_name}/{Sub_application_name}/reporting/api/health-check
Reporting Jobs https://{Domain_name}/reporting/jobs/health-check https://{Domain_name}/{Sub_application_name}/reporting/jobs/health-check
Report Designer Service https://{Domain_name}/reporting/reportservice/health-check https://{Domain_name}/{Sub_application_name}/reporting/reportservice/health-check

Main Application: The application (Bold Reports Server) which is deployed primarily when we installed is called the main application. It provides the core functionality delivering the primary features and services that users expect.

Sub-Application: The application (Bold Reports Server) is deployed within another application is referred here as sub-application. Refer to the following link to learn how to deploy Bold Reports Server as a sub application.