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How do I deploy chromium packages manually in Bold Reports

Chromium packages are necessary to achieve image and PDF export functionalities in reports,schedules from Bold Reports. Without these packages, the image and PDF export options in reports and schedules will no longer be available.

If you installed the build offline or skipped the packages during the build installation, you can manually install the chromium packages. Please find the download link and location details in the following table. Once the download is complete, extract the zip file and copy the chrome-win folder for Windows or the chrome-linux folder for Linux from the extracted location.

Operating System Download Link Location
Windows 32-bit {Deployed Location}\app_data\reporting\exporthelpers\puppeteer\Win-901912\chrome-win
Windows 64-bit {Deployed Location}\app_data\reporting\exporthelpers\puppeteer\Win64-901912\chrome-win
Linux /var/www/bold-services/application/app_data/reporting/exporthelpers/puppeteer/Linux-901912/chrome-linux

After copying the chromium packages into the specified directory mentioned in the above table, you must restart the web,API, and job services. Please refer to this link for more information.


  • If the above-highlighted location doesn’t exist, Please create it manually and move the downloaded packages.
  • If you are using the Bold Reports version below 5.4 or the Azure App Service Environment, install phantomjs instead of the chromium package.
  • The Chromium packages do not support Azure App Service Environment and Linux ARMx64. Therefore, image and PDF exporting is not supported for those environments.