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Download and installation of Embedded Reporting Tools

This section briefly describes steps involved in download and installation of the Embedded Reporting Tools setup.

Register and download Embedded Reporting Tools

  1. Go to Embedded Reporting Tools download page.

  2. Choose your plan and click on Start Your Trial option. Embedded Reporting Tools Installer Extraction

  3. Fill the form input details to register new account or sign in with existing account. Embedded Reporting Tools Installer Extraction

  4. Once portal have been created, you will be redirected to your downloads page. Embedded Reporting Tools Installer Extraction

  5. Click on download button and then select the file type to download. Embedded Reporting Tools Installer Extraction

Installing Embedded Reporting Tools

  1. Once setup downloaded, run the installer from the saved location by clicking the Run button or by double-clicking the EXE file. Embedded Reporting Tools Installer Extraction

  2. Sign-in with your registered e-mail address to unlock the setup. Installation Using Product Key

  3. Accept the License Agreement of Embedded Reporting Tools, by clicking the License Terms and Conditions.

  4. Choose the location where you would like to install the Embedded Reporting Tools setup and samples, then choose the additional settings like start menu and desktop shortcuts creation. If you want to perform the additional tasks you can check the options, otherwise you can uncheck it and click Install. Path Selection Wizard

  5. Now the installation begins. You can cancel the installation anytime by pressing Cancel, if you prefer. Progress bar Wizard

  6. On successful installation, the blow screen appears. Click the Launch Control Panel option to run Sample browser or Explore Samples. Fininsh Wizard