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Link a shared datasource

This section guides you to link a shared datasource in Bold Report Designer.

  1. Click the Data icon in the configuration panel to launch a Data configuration.

    Data icon configuration panel

  2. In the Data panel, click on the DATASOURCE on the top-left corner.

    Data panel switcher icon

  3. In the DATASOURCE configuration panel, click on the NEW DATASOURCE button.

    New data source panel

  4. In the connection type panel, choose the Shared data source type.

    Connection types shared data

  5. After choosing the Shared datasource type, the new connection wizard will be shown as below:

    Shared data source fields

  6. In Name field, specify the data source name without special characters.

  7. In Shared DataSource field, you can select an existing shared data sources in the server from the drop-down list.

    New connection panel

  8. Now, click on the Save button and the new shared data source will be added in data list pane like below.

    Data source list view

    Note: You can link multiple shared data sources into the report.