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Query expression

An expression column is used to create an expression which is a combination of data columns, operators and built-in functions. This expression column will act as a calculated measure that can be configured to report item like other normal numeric columns as a quantitative measure.

Open query expression dialog

Click on the Expression icon in the query designer toolbar to open Query Expressions dialog.

Query expresssion dialog

Now the Query Expressions dialog will be launched like below.

Query expresssion dialog

Note: The expression icon in the tools pane will be in disabled state, if there is no table found dropped in table design view.

Create an expression column

  1. To create a new expression column, click on the Add button in the Query Expressions dialog .

  2. In Name field, type the name for the expression column or use the default name. By default, manually-created expression columns name are similar to Expression1. Query expresssion dialog

  3. Define an expression in an Expression text area. The syntax for defining a simple expression is,

    {function name(}[columnname]{operator[columnname])…}

    where, content within curly braces is optional.

    Some expressions for reference:

    1. YEAR([Order Date]) – To compute year of order date.

    2. [Freight]+100 – To compute the total with 100 added to Freight.

  4. To include the function names and the column names in the Expression text area, double click on the respective function or column name in the Functions or Column Settings list view. Query expresssion dialog

  5. After, designing the expression value in text area, click on the Save button. Query expresssion dialog

  6. To create multiple expression columns, repeat the above steps. Query expresssion dialog

  7. The newly added expressions will be listed under the Column Settings list view like below. Query expresssion dialog

Refer Supported Built-in functions section to know more about supported built-in functions.

Edit an expression column

  1. Select an expression column in left pane, which you want to update.
  2. Edit the Name and Expression fields as required.
  3. Click on the Save button to save the changes.

Delete an expression column

Click on the delete icon in the expression field to delete an expression column.

Query expresssion dialog

Close query expression dialog

To close the dialog click on the Cancel button in dialog footer or Close icon in the dialog header.

Query expresssion dialog