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Image Manager

Image manager allows to add an embedded image to the report, the embedded image will always be available to that report. The embedded images in a report are listed in the Image Manager panel.

Add an embedded image

  1. Click on the Image Manager icon in the configuration panel.


  2. Click on Add Image button in the IMAGE MANAGER panel.


  3. Select an image and click on Open button.


  4. Now, the image will be embedded to the report and listed under the IMAGE MANAGER panel.


    Note: Only one image can be imported at a time. To add more images repeat steps 2 to 4.


Design a report using an embedded image

  1. To design a report using an embedded image, mouse hover on the image in the IMAGE MANAGER panel.


  2. Click on the plus icon, now the image item will be added to the design area.


  3. The below image shows the simple report designed using an embedded image.


Download the above report design from link.