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The Report Designer toolbar contains a set of icons or buttons that allows you to perform common report designing operations.

Properties panel

The properties pane significantly simplifies report setup and styling. Allows customizing the appearance of report items and editing their property values. Users can specify static values or expressions as values in the report item properties.

Refer Properties panel section to set and style report items.

Multi select report item properties

You can edit common properties of multiple report items at once. Tablix item have styling options, such as apply formatting by selecting specific cells, rows, or columns.

Refer Report item multiselection section to edit properties of multiple report items.


Provides support to add filters to an embedded data set or shared data set, data regions, and data region groups, including detail groups.

Refer Filter data section to add or remove filters in report.


Supports adding sort expressions to chart category and series groups and pivot table groups. It controls the order in which data is displayed in a data region item of the report (either as ascending or descending).

Refer Sort data section to control the order the data either in ascending or descending.


User can add grouping to display data in a hierarchy view by organizing nested, adjacent, and recursive hierarchy groups. You can use a dataset field, expression or other values to group data.

Refer Group data section display data in a hierarchy view.

Drill through reports

An action property is available to specify the drill through report path. It allows end users to click on a data value in the report to view related data information in the child report. A separate child report can have detail/summary data. Also, users can add parameters to filter data based on user selection.

Refer Report linking section to specify the drill through report path.

Provides property options to set hyperlink actions to text boxes, images, charts, and tablix. The hyperlink can contain data field, static or dynamic URL value expression.

Refer Hyperlink section to set hyperlink actions to text boxes, images, charts, and tablix.

Drilldown action

Drilldown action can be used to create an interactive report which allows user to enable expand-collapse action for tablix in the report.

Refer Drilldown action section to handle drilldown properties in designer.

Expression builder

Report Designer provides an expression builder that allows you to create simple and complex RDL expressions.

Refer Expressions section to create expressions in expression builder.

Format data

You can format the data to represent the it in various forms that includes Numbers, Currency, Date, Time, Scientific, Percentage and Custom format.

Refer Format data section to handle formatting for data.

Unit switcher

You can switch the unit type in the report, to convert from one unit type to another.

Refer Unit switcher section to switch the unit type in the report.

Code module

You can embed a custom code or custom assemblies to a report or add references to custom code embedded in a report or generated with custom assemblies.

Refer Code module section to add and handle custom code in report.